Six from Milano: 1965 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

This car is not an easy one to sell. Alfa Remeo is an Italian car that is very cheap to buy and also to sell if you are selling at the right time; I have found the car selling and free car valuation advice here useful.

Classic Virus


These are quite rare cars in the U.S: too lazy to be considered sports cars, too hard to be considered tourers and, most of all, they had a fixed roof.


But, after so many years, also these coupes are beginning to be considered just the way they are: a beautiful examples of what Alfa Romeo could produce near Milano, pusghed by a roaring inline six engine and a flawless design.


This particular car slept many years in the same place (at least since 2000) and now the owner’s son is selling it. He knows of course the late history of this car which was born blue; weber carburetors have been put in place of the previous Solex (which are not good at all) and the original wheel have been replaced with a strange set of alloy wheel which we’ve never seen before (do you?). Much work to do here but…

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VW closing in on Toyota


The Volkswagen Group sold 4.97m cars in January to June, up 5.9 per cent from the same time last year. Toyota saw a growth of 3.8 per cent in the first six months of the year to 5.097 million.

This year I’m hoping to switch and sell my car

New VW Passat starting to take shape all new Passat is close to launch-date. I’d say its one of the most globally important cars for the VW brand.

In 2013 Passats were the fifth best-selling Volkswagen brand.

With figures slowing by 50,000 units to just over 650,000 for last year, the German car giant have had to shake things up to encourage people to buy the car again


VW eying profits after sales targets smashed

Volkswagen T-ROC concept car is pictured during the media day ahead of the 84th Geneva Motor Show at the Palexpo Arena in Geneva March 4, 2014. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

It’s been a good year for Volkswagen. The German car manufacturing giant now eyes profit targets after already reaching the year’s 10 million sales goal.

If all this talk has you thinking about selling your own car in order to cash in one of the new March-plates, consider the new Volkswagen T-ROC (only in concept stage, shown above at the Geneva Motor Show).