My First Car & How it Taught Me Everything

Awesome post. Takes me back to my first car… an old Dacia

FCP Euro Blog

Every car guy and gal I know is always good for a few stories about their first car. These stories are guaranteed to spark some heavy reminiscing about our younger years, mostly about realizing how stupid we acted. In the end, we always find ourselves laughing about the things we did with our first cars and the freedom that they brought. Looking back, I’m realizing that my first car wasn’t just a source of young thrills, but it taught me some valuable lessons that I still benefit from to this day.

My first car taught me three things:

  1. There are laws
  2. How to work on and modify cars
  3. How not to work on and modify cars

There are Laws

From the age of 16-19 I had my first car and it wasn’t slow by any means. The kind of car isn’t important at this juncture, but it had 250+ horsepower…

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